POSTED: Quote of the Night

Too often, the only escape is sleep. – Charles Bukowski Advertisements


Hey There Flitterverse, “Maybe it’s working with a sophisticated client in your flannel PJ’s, like Sabreen.” Being a freelancer, sometimes in order to take a break from staring at the screen, you stare… Continue reading

SPOTTED: Charcoal For The Soul!

G’Afternoon Flitterverse, As most of you are aware, Modern Art to me – is pretty pointless {no offence to artists out there, this is just my old school opinion}, I am and always… Continue reading

SPOTTED: Forever Thready One!

Hello Lovelies, An ardent buyer of most things Forever 21, I was simply wowed by the complexity of the technology used in their latest Billboards. And the masters behind this masterpiece are a New York based studio –… Continue reading


Morning Lovelies! Social Media is the new Epidemic! And let’s face it – most, if not all, of us, are completely smitten by it! So if you aren’t already following us, time to double… Continue reading

SPOTTED: Stop. Release!

Morning Flitterverse! Just finished a major deadline and so I’m at the stage where my mind is going mad with the sudden spare time on my hands! Speaking of spare-time madness, International award-winning Norwegian Art… Continue reading


“If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t ever buy myself Gucci or Chanel or a big bungalow. I would absolutely rent tiny 1 BHKs in all inspiring lil towns & cities around the world… Continue reading

SPOTTED: If you’re a Designer, this could be You!

Greetings Flitterverse, If you’re a designer like myself, you must get asked this question a LOT – “so what is it that you exactly do? posters or movies?… or houses?” And I just… Continue reading

POSTED: Ramadan Kareem

May peace be upon you ! Its been a busy year with a lot of exciting happenings here at Flitterverse! Right from opening a small inhouse studio, to collaborating with some inspiring agencies, we… Continue reading

POSTED: Quote of the Day

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares, as opposed to ugly things. That’s my intent.”- Saul Bass

SPOTTED: Food Stylin’ & Smilin :)

Greetings Lovelies! Hungry for art? Hungrier for food?! If you’re sitting at your desk and its clocking one in the afternoon and you’re at that point where you’re stuck on an extremely inspiring artwork,… Continue reading

POSTED: I’m A Freelancer!

  G’Mornin Flitterverse! While this isn’t created by me, it pretty much sums up all I’d like to say. So to all those people who expect us to do them a favor .… Continue reading

POSTED: Quote for the Night

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” – Banksy

SPOTTED: A Long Walk

Evening Flitterverse, You’re aware that here at Flitterverse, we’re complete Make Love, Not War kinda people, and don’t exactly support political pollution. However, with all the ongoing global governmental garbage, I simply had to share… Continue reading

POSTED: To Women!

Hello Lovelies, As wisely said by Oscar Wilde: “Women are made to be loved, not understood.” I beg to differ – Women are only as complicated as the men who hold our hands… Continue reading

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